Poems and Scribbles

The Bettering Stone (Liverpool Street, 2009)

I feel like I am cleaning up, tidying away
Like I am going to be born again or die
I'm hoping for the first whilst somehow expecting the latter

Please use the full length of the platform
Two minutes, four minutes, a baby's screaming cry
But no talent in reporting ones surroundings
It's time to move


Am I (2015)

Am I upset by the daily images of children living like circus animals
 While onlookers set age limits on their feelings and governments speak of quotas
 Am I upset, I am
 Am I disgusted as said government help banks to get their bonuses, and protect their own personal off-shore shares
 While proclaiming, “we are all in it together”. Only if they are referring to this world, are we all in it together.
 Am I disgusted, I am
 Am I angry when I see another thirsty car advert, another short term loan advert, the super tablet phone computer you don’t need, adverts of aspiration
 While the family downstairs are eating value bread, with value margarine and beans, brushing their children’s teeth with value toothpaste
 Am I angry, I am
 Am I astonished when a painting sells for 50m pounds, even when I remind myself that I am not an art critic
 And can’t possibly understand all of its fine and intricate nuances and that I shouldn’t be able to comprehend the existential meaning of a cow cut in two hanging from a gallery ceiling
 Hospitals needing far less than 50m may be closing, philanthropy may be dead
 Am I astonished, I am
 Am I disappointed by the standard of the latest mega blockbuster, that requires no plot, no script, no acting and no new ideas
 Just the re-birth and killing of an ancient space hero, played by an uninterested A list, B list, C list, disconnected, static celebrity magazine face
 The popcorn and coke costing more than the price of the film ticket, the queue that’s waited 40 years to see it and it’s up-coming 40 sequels
 And the writers and critics that give it 4 out of 5 and call it a solid base to build on, just like their bank balance after they were paid to write the quote.
 Am I disappointed, I am
 Am I impressed by the accuracy of the laser guided missile and it’s grainy black and white camera images beamed from its nose cone in to my home
 Almost showing the face of the man on the armoured car, the people running from the outhouse buildings, the open market square, the TV and power station,
 The hospital being used as cover by ‘terrorists’
 Am I impressed as they are blown to pieces by our tax money
 In our name…
             Even grudgingly…?
 Am I perplexed by my fellow citizens or subjects and their crushing apathy to everyone’s suffering, their willingness to vote for Dr Evil
 Their continued belligerence in maintaining that they can’t do any more than take care of number one
 Their joy in feeling clever when they remember a punchy marketed soundbite which justifies and exonerates their xenophobia 
 Their lack of concern as they give away the workers’ rights that their grandparents fought for years to get 
 Their “it’ll be alright” attitude, as they get a week in Spain or Portugal each year if lucky, and watch their favourite soaps, period dramas and dancing shows on their new 50 inch widescreen LED TV
 Am I perplexed, I am
 Am I the first to act, am I?


Nature vs Nurture (1994)

Did I ask now to be born?
Though I ask now to be small
And I request to not know war
And I request to not know poor

Did I ask now to be shaped?
Though I request now to know my fate
And to know if it's too late
To suffer well but not to hate


Untitled (1991)

Whisper my name one time, when my heart it beats no more
Say it on the breeze my love, so I might hear you call

Feel me as you breathe one time, and dream me as you sleep
So I may come alive again, amid the tears you weep