no time for childhoodMileHighMusic (Released 25 April 2011)

Christy – Guitars, Keys, Bass and Harmonica
Diego Pacheco-Bloch – Bass on A Short Goodbye
Richard Burton – Pedal Steel on Did You Cry
Kasia Reciak-Fry – Backing Vocals on A Short Goodbye & Across The Universe

Composed*, arranged, produced & performed* by Christy.

A new EP containing a life suite. Leading off, a pop balladry look at the energy & naivity of youth in A Short Goodbye, followed by the confusion of loss in the country psyche of Did You Cry When I Died, and rounded off with a mellotron universe heavy cover of Across The Universe. 3 songs coming in at over 15 minutes, an ordinary single this is not!

Published by MileHighMusic except Across The Universe published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

*Across The Universe written by Lennon/McCartney, published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Across The Universe

Another Beatles cover! I know, a pattern. The next cover will be someone else, promise. The reason for this, was just that it was one of the first songs I ever learnt to play on guitar and often find myself strumming the intro. I did try a very live acoustic version a year or so back, just adding vocal harmonies which was interesting, some of which made it into the latter half of this version. I decided to re-record the track though, mainly so I could do the extended arrangement I wanted. I hope the Beatles fans amongst you approve of this version, which draws from both the released Beatles versions but also adds a few of my own bits & bobs.

A note on the outro not so ambient sound, it was taken from The Sound of the Big Bang by John G. Cramer, Professor of Physics, University of Washington. I shall not try and badly explain how it was generated, just visit and read his fascinating write-up if you’d like to know more:
A big bang thank-you to Mr Cramer for the sound as I’d heard it somewhere or something similar and was keen to search it out and use it, it’s exactly what I was after.