My Life In Headphones(Released 2013)

Christy – All instruments* and voices

*Additional player credits:
Nathan Persad – drums on Web of Lies & Suddenly Summer
Richard Burton – pedal steel on Web of Lies

Composed, arranged, produced & performed* by Christy.

Recorded, mixed & mastered at MileHighStudios, London, from 2010 to 2013, except where noted on individual download pages.

Whilst recording new songs, i often remind myself of old songs, long forgotten songs. A key change, part of a riff, a feel, something, enough to get the memory cogs turning. It is then fun to work them out and see what they might have sounded like if they had been arranged & recorded with the bands I played with back then. I’ll hunt through the old C90 cassettes which are home to the old 1990s demos, find the original scratch demo, usually just a guitar & vocal, sometimes with harmonies or a bass guitar, tambourine, always recorded pretty much live on a 4 track cassette recorder, some just on a regular cassette deck, and never cut to a click. Then i put that in the comp, find the tempo, and mimic all the parts that were there and build out from it, avoiding heavy editing of parts i might not include if the song were written now, to preserve the feel of the demo. Mute the demo and you have a polished version of an old song.

Why bother? I must admit, i don’t know, apart from it’s fun to revisit some of these songs – a few of dozens – that slipped between the minutes. They aren’t the best of the old songs, they aren’t the most musical even, they weren’t selected, they just popped up whilst I was working on the new Greater Good, Ewa Reciak, Nathan Persad etc albums over the last couple of years and songs are better being heard, rather than gathering dust on a shelf.

There are three songs now, there will be more to come, there are already another dozen or so recorded, just awaiting a few unneeded minutes to finish them. I hope you enjoy these sketches, these memories, as they grow.