London City DreamsMileHighMusic (Released July 2005)

Christy – All instruments and voices*

*additional players on About You – Zen:
Andre St. Clair Dyer – Drums/Keys
Ceri James – Rhythm Guitar
Hamid Halbaoul – Bass

*additional on Dellow Street:
Hamid Halbaoul – Bass

Composed, arranged, produced & performed* by Christy.

Recorded at MileHighStudio 2004 except About You, for which drums, bass & rhythm guitar were recorded at a Zen band session upstairs at the Royal George pub, Tanners Hill, London, June 2004, using equipment & rehearsal space of the fine band RedRoute, so thanks to Dave for that. Only a stereo mixdown with drums, bass, rhythm guitars, keys and talkbox survived a computer meltdown at the Drezone Plant a month later, so all vocals and additional overdubs were added to the stereo mixdown at MileHighStudio during 05/06.

From London City Dreams single, recorded 2004, which had a very limited release – maybe 20 copies(!) – in mid 2005, more for friends than anything official.
London City Dreams & it’s B-side Dellow Street are both home demos, but both being strong songs and unlikely to be re-recorded in the near future, it makes sense to issue them on the MHM download store in their stark unpolished maximum charm versions, enjoy!

About You also features on the Christy album Shine & Rise
About You demo added Oct 2013 – recorded back in early 2004.