Butterscotch Mindfield

Butterscotch MindfieldMileHighMusic (Original release date 10 July 2010, finally released 2013)

Christy – All instruments and voices

Composed, arranged, produced & performed by Christy.

Originally set for release in mid 2010, along with the still unfinished ‘Sorry’, but for various reasons, mainly me not being happy with the drums on Shadow Man, not put out until 2013. The song ‘Sorry’, which is very psyche heavy, will appear before long too and join these two misfits.

Shadow Man
“Shadow people are supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen flickering on walls and ceilings in the viewer’s peripheral vision. They are often reported moving with quick, jerky movements, and quickly disintegrate into walls or mirrors.”

In reality, there are a few people that move between the cracks of society, barely noticed by the rest of us, eking out a meagre existence. Most of us know a Shadow Man.

A person as a UFO, “I’m launching…”

No Time For Childhood

no time for childhoodMileHighMusic (Released 25 April 2011)

Christy – Guitars, Keys, Bass and Harmonica
Diego Pacheco-Bloch – Bass on A Short Goodbye
Richard Burton – Pedal Steel on Did You Cry
Kasia Reciak-Fry – Backing Vocals on A Short Goodbye & Across The Universe

Composed*, arranged, produced & performed* by Christy.

A new EP containing a life suite. Leading off, a pop balladry look at the energy & naivity of youth in A Short Goodbye, followed by the confusion of loss in the country psyche of Did You Cry When I Died, and rounded off with a mellotron universe heavy cover of Across The Universe. 3 songs coming in at over 15 minutes, an ordinary single this is not!

Published by MileHighMusic except Across The Universe published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

*Across The Universe written by Lennon/McCartney, published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing.

Across The Universe

Another Beatles cover! I know, a pattern. The next cover will be someone else, promise. The reason for this, was just that it was one of the first songs I ever learnt to play on guitar and often find myself strumming the intro. I did try a very live acoustic version a year or so back, just adding vocal harmonies which was interesting, some of which made it into the latter half of this version. I decided to re-record the track though, mainly so I could do the extended arrangement I wanted. I hope the Beatles fans amongst you approve of this version, which draws from both the released Beatles versions but also adds a few of my own bits & bobs.

A note on the outro not so ambient sound, it was taken from The Sound of the Big Bang by John G. Cramer, Professor of Physics, University of Washington. I shall not try and badly explain how it was generated, just visit and read his fascinating write-up if you’d like to know more: faculty.washington.edu/jcramer/BBSound.html
A big bang thank-you to Mr Cramer for the sound as I’d heard it somewhere or something similar and was keen to search it out and use it, it’s exactly what I was after.

News – Psychedelicized takes to the air

The last few weeks I have been madly putting together a playlist for a new web radio station, Psychedelicized. Check it out. www.psychedelicized.com

News – The Greater Good 1st Release

Want to hear one of the tunes that will be played this Friday at The New Cross Inn show:
The Greater Good – The Boys and The Girls posted by milehighmusicuk


Where does the time go? Another mad but productive year. I finally compiled The Mandrakes available recordings as a free EP, helped Nathan Persad release another single, whilst also recording his new album. The 286 released their debut EP on MHM, I shot a video for them and produced a couple of their tracks. We’re already working on their next album. Ewa Reciak’s new album is well on the way to completion, John Ashdown has a new single ready to roll, there are a bunch of other artists and projects on the go but more on those later… busy, busy, busy.


Considering Shine & Rise is a collection of songs I wrote for different bands, with very different aims, it hold together well. My first proper collection of songs since 2001′s Bank Holiday Life EP, so about time huh!

Reviews and feedback have been good, such as:

“Shine & Rise is an enjoyable, varied and sometimes crazily joyous collection that sees Christy pillaging from the past and reinventing it in his own image, while transporting the listener back to the 60s, 70s and beyond.
For this reviewer, one of the highlights of the set is ‘Try For The Sun aka Surf Tune’; it kicks off with crazy castanets and the sort of spaghetti western melody that usually accompanies Lee Van Cleef emerging from the saloon to shoot ‘em up on Main Street, and explodes into a punked-up Beach Boys stomp – a delight!”
– Rock’n’Reel magazine’s Diane Mason, Dec 09.

There are new videos on the MileHighMusic Youtube page, but aside from the current release I’m excitedly working with a talented young songwriter from Poland, Ewa Reciak – video on Youtube now, and have been rehearsing a new band with a view to recording material in the new year. It’s time to move…

Listen & Download Shine & Rise from iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/la-fille-francaise/id340744575?i=340744729&uo=6 – although it is cheaper for you to buy it direct from MileHighMusic 😉 See the recordings or downloads page.