Silent Song Through The LandMileHighMusic (Released April 9th 2018)

Silent Song Through The Land
Diego Pacheco-Bloch – Bass
James Tobin – Mandolin / Ukulele / Backing Vocals
Ewa Reciak – Backing Vocals
Christy – All other instruments and voices

Don’t Let My Marigolds Die
Produced, arranged and performed by Christy

Produced & arranged by Christy

Silent Song Through The Land

Having been a huge Ron Davies fan for many years, I thought I’d try recording one of his songs, one of many I would love to record. Silent Song came together very quickly, thanks to brilliant help from Diego and James, who added their mercurial talents within days of me creating the main bed of the song. Ewa added the essential finishing touch of some lovely angelic female vocals. I owe thanks to them all, and also to Szymon of Bury films, who kindly produced a video to go with the track.

Don’t Let My Marigolds Die
Recording a b-side delayed the release by six months, until I thought, what the hell, and then just added some extra parts to a quick scratch version of a brilliant song by another songwriter I love, Bill Fay. My recording is rather primitive, but hopefully, it might lead the listener to go and search out the original version from Bill’s second album, 1971’s Time of the Last Persecution.